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How Travel Boosts Our Mental Health

Happy family walking on beach.

Canceled events. Working from home with kids. Higher health risks for going out in public. There are many reasons that people have found life since 2020 to be especially stressful. When we are under stress, our mental health often takes a toll. While it may not be the first wellness solution that comes to mind, travel does have a positive impact on our mental health.

Here are 4 ways that travel helps us recharge, refocus, and restore ourselves for a happier and healthier future.


According to a Cornell University study, even planning and anticipating a trip can be a mood booster. Once we arrive at our destination, those fluttery feelings of fulfillment of reaching our goal kick in, and research shows that having positive things to think about is key to our mental well-being. From the first day of planning to the arrival in destination, travel brings us joy.

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91% of Americans say that they see a vacation as a chance to “hit the reset button” on their stress and anxiety. A separate study of 1,500 women found that those who traveled twice a year were less likely to suffer from chronic stress and depression. Why? Travel allows us to focus on ourselves and brings us back to the things we find most meaningful in our lives, which we tend to ignore when we are running on tight schedules and to-do lists.

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Not only are we more physically active when we travel, but our minds are more engaged. Much of what we do as our daily routines, we do without thinking. On vacation, we’re constantly exposed to new surroundings and information. This can enhance creativity, which in turn helps us develop new long-term neural connections, according to Psychology Today. In short, traveling gives our brains a workout!

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Facing unfamiliar situations and stepping outside our comfort zones can be thrilling, but they can also test our patience. Learning how to adapt, even if it’s just to a new form of transport for a few days, makes us more emotionally flexible and resilient. When we go back to our normal lives and are confronted with a challenging situation, we remember those tricky travel situations and how we adapted, which allows us to quash our insecurities.

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For those who haven’t been able to take a mental health break from travel since 2020, next year is full of possibilities to relax and recharge. Let us help you reap the mental health benefits of traveling with your families and friends. We can help you get the most out of your trip, starting with a stress-free planning process.

Give us a call!

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